Frank vs. God


When we meet David Frank (Henry Ian Cusick) he is a mess. A wounded lion. His spirit shattered by the death of his wife, this formerly successful corporate attorney spends days in his bathrobe with his only real companion, his beloved bulldog, Brutus. But while away on a trip to visit his beloved niece Lucy, just outside of Orlando, a Tornado threatens to destroy his house. David races home in a heroic effort to save poor Brutus, but is stopped by the police and watches helplessly as the dark funnel of destruction sucks up the house, and the dog, like some Wizard of Oz nightmare – the punishing finger of God. Then, adding insult to injury, the Insurance Company tells him they won’t pay because the damage falls under the ‘Act of God’ clause in his policy. David is livid. But then he gets the bright idea to sue God Himself for damages, naming representatives of all different faiths as co-defendants. Fueled by a megalomaniacal and opportunistic judge, a beautiful but damaged defense attorney, and David Frank’s own sharply-honed legal gymnastics, what starts out as a crazy, radical stunt ultimately becomes a very deep and soulful journey.





Henry Ian Cusick began his career at the Glasgow Citizens Theatre playing his first leading roles in Hamlet and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

He received a special commendation in the Ian Charleson award for the title role in Torquato Tasso at the Edinburgh International Festival and as Creon in Oedipus at the Citizen’s theatre.

On stage, Cusick has worked with the Royal National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and Almeida, London to name a few.

He is best known for playing Desmond Hume from 2005-2010 in the hit TV show Lost where he was nominated for an Emmy. He was a series regular in ABC’s Scandal and had recurring roles on 24, Fringe, The Mentalist and Body of Proof.

On the big screen Cusick starred in Hitman, Gospel of John, 9/Tenths and Half-Light. He can current be seen as one of the leads in The CW series The 100.



Ever Carradine is the third generation in a long line of actors. Since graduating from Lewis and Clark College, she has worked steadily on both the small and big screens. Her big break came in playing the earnest airhead, Pepper, alongside Kirsty Alley on NBC’s Veronica’s Closet. She then played a memorable arc on Fox’s Party of Five. Balancing comedy and drama has always come easily to her.

Carradine went from ABC’s critically acclaimed Once and Again to FX’s Lucky, in which she starred opposite John Corbett. Other notable television appearances include Will and Grace, Grey’s Anotomy, Bones, Men in Trees, Private Practice, Supernatural and House, to name a few.

In 2005, she was lucky enough to find herself sharing the small screen with Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland on ABC’s Commander in Chief. From there she went on to recurring roles on Fox’s 24 and the SyFy darling, Eureka.

She’s currently shooting an arc on TNT’s Major Crimes. Her film work includes Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dead and Breakfast and Constellation. In additional to Frank vs. God, she’s just completed two independent features; Truck Stop opposite Juno Temple, and The Adventures of Beatle, with Jeffery Dean Morgan. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and daughter.

Full Cast

  • David Frank
  • Rachel Levin
  • Gina
  • Rabbi Grossman
  • Bishop Rossini
  • Imam Bakri
  • Karl
  • Bennet
  • Medicine Man
  • Judge Randall
  • Lucy
  • Candy
  • Billy
  • Process Server
  • Buddhist Monk
  • Luis
  • David’s Wife
  • Insurance Executive
  • Claims Manager
  • Priest
  • Jehovah’s Witness #1
  • Jehovah’s Witness #2
  • Intense Believer
  • Evangelical Preacher
  • Cop
  • Neighbor Kid
  • Priest #2
  • Newscaster
  • Guard
  • Bailiff
  • Court Clerk
  • Private Detective
  • Radio Announcer
  • Reporter
  • Henry Ian Cusick
  • Ever Carradine
  • Natalya Oliver
  • Bern Cohen
  • Terry Loughlin
  • Ted Sod
  • Brian Brightman
  • Michael Houston King
  • Gerald Wolf Heart C.
  • Matt Riedy
  • Rachel DuRose
  • Lauren O’Quinn
  • Ricky Wayne
  • Tim Goodwin
  • Eric Esteban
  • Carlos Navarro
  • Heather Dodson
  • Jim Miranda
  • Karl Anthony
  • Joe Reed
  • Daryn Kahn
  • Tyler Colfer
  • Travis Herndon
  • Tim Bass
  • Cameron Francis
  • Christian Zimmardo
  • Stephen Maddocks
  • Bob Opsahl
  • Lucius Baston Jr.
  • Wendell Kinney
  • Joe Coffey
  • Mark Paskell
  • Roy Samuelson
  • Tracy Wiu



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